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    Rasterization problem in AE 2015

    Gary_Ingle Level 1

      I have a simple .AI file (just some block letters) that I've imported and turned into a flat 3D layer.  I then fly the camera through one of the letters. 


      This file worked fine in 2014, but it fails in 2015 as I try to ram preview saying "error rasterizing [layer name] due to insufficient memory" or very similar message.  Again, this works fine in 2014. 

      I'm on an iMac with 32 GB of ram, so I don't believe it is truly a lack of ram.


      I remember 2014 having a similar issue in one of its early releases, but it eventually got addressed.


      Turning off continuous rasterize allows me to render the ram preview in AE 2015, but the project still fails with an "unknown error" when trying to render using media encoder,and needless to say, the art looks bad without continuously rasterizing especially when flying through it up close.


      For now, I'm reverting back to 2014, but wanted to start a discussion about this issue in hopes that it can be addressed.