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    CC Library popping up when creating swatches—figured it out

    BriGuyAG Level 1

      So I was having this issue with the new InDesign CC 2015 (Mac) and I finally figured it out and thought I'd share, in case anyone else is in the same boat.


      I don't use any of the sync stuff, but I was constantly having a CC Library window pop open every single time I'd create a new swatch in an InDesign document (CC 2015). Wasn't having this problem before the upgrade.


      It turns out that there's a checkbox at the bottom of the New Color Swatch window: "Add to CC Library." Looks like this is checked by default. Just uncheck it. Seems like it remembers this from then on.


      I was going crazy for a bit there, because I had turned off all my sync settings in InDesign and clicked "Manage Creative Cloud Account" to clear settings on the website. I even went so far as to rebuild my InDesign preferences (because at one point the colors palette lost all of the buttons at the bottom and I could no longer delete swatches), repaired permissions in OS X, restarted my computer, yet this was still happening. Then I noticed that checkbox... yeah... a checkbox that was probably there the whole time. Go me.


      Anyway, there you go.