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    Having a problem scrolling using Bamboo tablet


      Since LRCC came out, I've been having a problem with scrolling using my Bamboo tablet.  It's a very old tablet but works fine with LR5.7.  When I try to scroll, the hand never makes the "close" motion and the scrolling is excruciatingly slow and inaccurate.  I tried installing my daughter's Intuos Pro and had the same problem.  I noticed that there was a problem with pen pressure in the initial release which is marked as fixed in 2015.1 but the scrolling issue remains for me.  A Bamboo tablet has no pressure sensitivity so I don't know if that would impact me. 


      So, again, I can open LR5.7 and it works fine then go into LRCC/2015.1 and it doesn't scroll.