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    Stand Alone LR V6  to V6.1 Update (Worked on one PC, not another)

    Gord Webster

      I own a couple of Fuji cameras with X-Trans sensors, and was eagerly anticipating the 6.1 update (along with improved X-Trans processing). I have LR6 (standalone) installed on a Win8.1 desktop (main) pc, as well as a Win8.1 laptop. After several attempts to run the update on the desktop, (signing out of LR, CC and then back in again), I am not able to update. Program tells me there is no update.


      A 'chat' with Adobe support was a fruitless waste of time. After gathering all of my information, the 'support' tech instructed me to post my issue here. (There's 3/4 of an hour I won't get back again).


      So today I tried to run LR6 on my laptop. Sure enough, as soon as I started LR6 it advised me there was an update and after clicking through the link, it downloaded and installed. So, my laptop has 6.1, but the desktop is stuck at 6. As far as I know both installations are configured the same. Does this mean that Adobe are rolling out the updates gradually? Or, am I missing something? Can I find the file that downloaded update file to my laptop and copy it over to my desktop?


      I've read a number of comments indicating that as a stand alone version I'm not entitled to the 6.1 update. However, I was able to download it on one unit. This really makes me wonder.


      Any suggestions for the process to be able to update the 2nd computer would be appreciated.