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    Flash player win 8.1


      Hello, I try in English but i préfère in french:


      My browser
      Internet Explorer 11

      My Operating System (
      Windows 8.1


      I have a new computer I had try to réinstall flash player  after flash player would not run again. (this problem seem to begin after i have try install and uninstall last ad block engine because he wouldnt run, this  unrun may be come from anti-virus, avast block run ?!) But at the Add ON Tools (right up explorer corner) shockwave flash object are enabled (and active x off), but when i test flash player at adobe(Problèmes d’installation | Flash Player | Windows i seen this message:


      Your Flash Version
      Flash Player disabled


      How to réinstall flash player ? i think is the best question for now ? Thanks for your help not for the problem


      Nom :                       Shockwave Flash Object

      Éditeur :                   Microsoft Windows Third Party Application Component

      Type :                      Contrôle ActiveX

      Architecture :              32 bits et 64 bits

      Version :         

      Date du fichier :           mercredi 3 juin 2015, 18:18

      Date du dernier accès :     mardi 30 novembre 1999, 01:00

      ID de classe :              {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}

      Utilisations :              0

      Nombre de blocages :        0

      Fichier :                   Flash.ocx

      Dossier :                   C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

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