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    HSB Color Picker is still sadly missing

    SteveB at CE

      I realize this has long been a topic of discussion, and apologize for beating an apparently dead horse. As an early adopter and promoter of InDesign, I've had high praise for the app from the start as being true to it's name - in my opinion it really is the most powerful single software tool out there for graphic design. (I've used all of the Adobe products on a daily basis since 1.0 on floppies, and still remember well the excitement of Photoshop 2.5 when we we able to break free on only channel ops and move in layers!)


      But once again, with the release of CC 2015, I'm baffled by Adobe's lack of HSB color picker support for InDesign. Not only is the omission of HSB from InDesign inconsistent with the other two apps in the CS power trio - in my humble opinion, and that of many others I've seen online - it should rightly be there even in place of LAB. It's the most natural and intuitive way to create colors during the design phase of any project - hue, saturation and value are literally the aspects of color that we primarily base our color choices on as designers. Especially when taking any hue as a starting point, and making subtle adjustments to the other two values - saturation and value. To me, that's an indispensable aspect of designing with color, and one that is virtually impossible to use with RGB, LAB or CMYK pickers.

      I've looked endlessly for scripts or plugins to try to use as workarounds - the closest I've been able to come is this Davis Blatner-inspired plugin for Hex color:

      Hexadecimal Swatches in InDesign | in-tools.com

      - which at least will bring up the OS picker with the HSB option, and you can use that as a swatch ... but without the ability to preview the color in use, as with the other color spaces - RGB, LAB and CMYK in the native InDesign picker.


      PLEASE, Adobe - there are an awful lot of designers out here (I think?) who would really appreciate it if you would add HSB to InDesign. And maybe a lot of others who might discover what a sensible tool HSB is for great looking and harmonious color selections.