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    How to close parent window immediately at Photoshop CC2015?

    y.fujisawa Level 1



      There are difference between CC2014(or previus) and CC2015 at closing window event.

      Please see below sample code.


      At line 7 on CC2014, w1 window close immediately and then w2 window open.

      However on CC2015, w1 window don't close and w2 open at the same time.


      We have to close parent window(w1), because monitor the processing status behind the screen.

      W1 window disrupt monitoring...


      1. w1 = new Window('dialog','sample1',[200,100,500,200],{ name:"main"});
      2. w1.okBtn = w1.add("button",[130,80,225,80+25], "OK!", { name:"ok"});
      3. w1.okBtn.onClick= this.click;
      4. w1.show();
      6. function click(){
      7.     w1.close();
      8.    //~ Monitoring processing status at screen
      9.     w2 = new Window('dialog','sample2',[200,100,500,200]);
      10.     w2.okBtn = w2.add("button",[130,80,225,80+25], "OK!", { name:"ok"});
      11.     w2.show();
      12. }

      Thank you in advance,