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    Collections...from LR 5 into LR CC

    AngieD600 Level 1

      Hello...this may or may not be an easy solution, but I need to know how to open my collections, from LR 5 into LR CC. I'm not sure if my LR5 was supposed to upgrade once it installed LR CC. I'm thinking this could have been avoided if I would have opened my catalog from LR 5 in LR CC once I had installed LR CC.

      So, basically, my issue is that i have collections in LR 5 and LR CC. I can open the LR 5 catalog in LR CC, but i have to switch catalogs if I need to access another collection. Just wondering if there is a way to have all my collections, from LR 5 open in LR CC without having to switching between catalogs. I hope this all makes sense. I appreciate any help.