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    animation object

    Level 7
      I have set up an animation - a character with arms. The arms animate as
      does the character.

      When I export it and play it in Director, everything is fine. But, I
      want to be able to click and rotate the character to see it from another
      angle. If I do that, the character will rotate and leave the arms
      behind. So, I wronte a script to make the ams a child of the body.
      Problem is now that when the body moves up and down, the arms seem to
      animate double. It's like the animation object is being applied twice,
      once to the arms and another time due to the link to the body which has
      that same animation.

      So, the question is, do I need to do something special in 3D Max to tell
      my shockwave 3D to separate the animatione objects it exporte? Is there
      a way I can get aroun this in Director? Can I add parent child
      relationships in Max?

      Thanks in advance.