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    render slows down partway through the process

    Photo_1985 Level 1

      I send a project to AME CC 2015 or in the render queue, doesn't matter format used, start quickly for the first portion of rendering and then, SLOW Slow slow.  Why does this happen in general. 


      Here are the facts you may need:

      Adobe CC everything.

      Computer info:

      OS:               Windows 7 Pro fully updated

      Processor:    Intel i7 CPU X 990

      RAM:             24.0 GB


      This only happens when using effects that are slow to begin with like Reduced Grain using 6 passes with Unsharp Mask.

      Looking at the CPU load, it is generally very low and does not load up when rendering slows down.  If anything, the CPU load also reduces when the Rendering slows.

      Memory usage (24GB RAM) is low at about 29 - 31%.

      The file I EXPORT to make little or no difference.

      If I am just exporting with lightweight effects like Hue, levels, tint, the Export is very very fast, CPU load is maxed out and memory is up a bit more and the export is done very quickly.

      So the problem is caused from the processor heavy effects is kind of obvious, but wouldn't that just max out the processor?? and that ain't happening.  Why


      And, yes even more important, can anything be done to speed this up on my current system

      I am a Wedding Videographer and try not to use lights because I believe it destroys the mood that the family paid good money for.  This sometime causes the gain of the camera to climb to compensate and things get a bit grainy from there depending on how low the light levels is.  (yes if it is really dark, I use light and limit my usage as much as possible.  So using Grain Removal (AE), and other Video Noise Reduction, is sometimes required and works quite well if use properly.  BUT sometimes it takes so long for rendering that I use it as a last resort.

      Thanks for any of your help in advance.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This is perfectly normal. Many of AE's effects are single-threaded and contrary to your assumption will not simply make your CPU glow to make up for it. Especially with temporal effects such as Remove Grain is, looking up multiple frames and processing them will also introduce additional IO overhead and whatnot that outweighs the actual processing time per frame. It could take hours to explain how AE handles this and which combinations cause these behaviors, but suffice it to say that for the time being you will have to live with it...



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            Photo_1985 Level 1

            I was quite sure this was the case, but hoping for a different answer.  After all the need for Reduced Grain is the result of improper camera/light settings.  Far more benefit is gained by improving Camera/lighting setting then you could every get from Reduced Noise.  But you know how it is, sometime you get caught without and had a good shot and.......

            Thanks for keeping it accurate and to the point, that is exactly what I was looking for, and the answer was expected.


            I don't know if you are the one to ask, but here it goes anyways.  For programs and/or effects that are currently single-threaded, is it a big deal to make them multi-threaded?


            Again, thanks for you help.


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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP


              For programs and/or effects that are currently single-threaded, is it a big deal to make them multi-threaded?


              Yes. And for a program as complex as AE, I would call it a huge deal.


              Notice AE's kludge attempt to avoid doing it with the introduction of multiprocessing back in the day. (What was it, AE version 9 [CS4] that first introduced it?)


              For the past year, the majority of the After Effects team have been working to rewrite the core of AE to be able to use multiple cores more efficiently. AE CC 2015 demonstrates the first step in this process; the interface (and your interactivity with it) is now on a separate thread from rendering. This allows us to have much snappier interface interactions and let the preview play while we make changes. In a future version, they plan to introduce much better/faster rendering. But don't take my word for it, they say as much in their discussion of the removal of multiprocessing here: features not available in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) | After Effects region of interest


              So, yes; it's a big deal, but to answer your next question, it is something the AE team is working on.

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                Photo_1985 Level 1

                Thank you Szalam for your reply.  After reading what I wrote,"For programs and/or effects that are currently single-threaded, is it a big deal to make them multi-threaded?" I could see how confusing my question was.  Example: Why change it, what is the big deal to leave it as is   OR   is it technically difficult to change from single to multi thread.   Which I meant the technically difficult.   Please note, I am not writing this reply to you because it is obvious you knew just what I was asking, but for anyone else that may be unsure and I wanted to clarify.

                I am not a programmer and don't want to pretend I know anything about programming.  I can see the host of problems associated with the changes Adobe is going through.  Can it be faster, better, more organized is a topic for another discussion.  Of course the things that matter to me, I want changed now!   But that ain't gonna happen, and everyone has their viewpoints.  Me, I am happy to be witness to this transformation. 

                Having two very well spoken replies makes me very pleased to be part of the Adobe Family.