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    PHOTOSHOP IS SLIPPING // Artboards are hard to use


      Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.16.43 PM.png

      Exhibit A: Dragging this layer to the layer group "v1" actually moves it to the TOP of the layer group. Prior to this update, this same behavior dropped layers at the bottom.


      Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.17.02 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.17.08 PM.png

      Exhibit B: Duplicating a layer group within an artboard pastes it at the top of the document, outside of the current artboard. What this does is covers up all my other artboards.


      Other complaints:

      * Duplicating an artboard layers the artboard on top of existing artwork instead of moving it to the right. The whole point of artboards is so you can have different areas to look at what you're working on. In my case, it's for sequential screens in an app design. This definitely makes my workflow slower than when I was just using layer groups.


      However, my favorite feature (Export Assets) has been deprecated, so I'm back to hitting "Save for web" for every single screen, in most cases around 20-30 times. Very inconvenient, especially after I grew used to a batch export of layers I appended "@2x.png" to.

      An alternative, the "Generate assets" feature, is not working properly.


      Hope all of these bugs get fixed in the next release. I've been using Photoshop/Illustrator loyally since 2003, but the latest attempt (and failure) to mimic Sketch has given me second thoughts. I already use Sketch and I'm pretty close to jumping ship.