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    Coldfusion and WAP

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      I am not smart enough (yet) to figure out Flashlite to make a Coldfusion
      powered Flash application, but I would like to offer my site's information
      via user's cell phones.

      Is WAP still the main language to work in? Does anyone here know? lol

      I found a ton of articles on how to use CF in WAP code (or the other way
      around..exporting CF information in WAP format) using cfcontent. That part
      is easy.

      Has anyone or does anyone know how to embed WAP code into a main CF page so
      it get viewed correctly by the browser that is trying to view it? If you
      were to view yahoo.com using FF / IE it shows as a web page. If you were to
      view it in a WAP browser it comes up as a WAP page. How? :)

      Thanks if anyone has any information.