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    Aperture to Lightroom Importing issue

    cielo4 Level 1

      As a long time user of Aperture, I've waited a while to make a move to another program. After much reading, studying, watching, and pondering, I chose Lr. I have a 2011 macbook pro 17" and all sorts of external toys connected to it. I keep everything updated and have Lr 2015.1 (I think that is the number). So everything should be the most current.


      I started about a week ago with the importer, allowing lightroom to move files from Aperture over with its plugin. Excruciatingly slow process, after 4 days only 17% of one of my 3 Aperture libraries is done. This is a thunderbolt drive to thunderbolt drive transfer, so I wasn't sure why the slow transfer rate. I mean s-l-o-w.  At any rate, I needed to import some files from my camera's card today, so I stopped the process.


      Oh am I glad I did. Seems there is


      a) a major problem with the import from aperture to lightroom plug in


      b) I'm a noob and am lost.


      Could be either.


      I started noticing the endless number of files/folders (forgive me if I don't get the nomenclature right, still learning) on the left. All being sorted by date. I wasn't crazy about the date thing, but thought, what the heck, it will group them by when they happened. So be it. What struck me as odd was most of the dates have 1-8 pictures only. I don't normally shoot that way. So I started putzing around the files. What I found was disturbing.


      The importer is taking (or did I do some kind of setting wrong?) random pictures and putting them in random files and order. I see files from my youth combined with recent pics combined with random any number of things you want.  Most of the dates have one or two pics only, and they were not taken on those dates. ??


      I spent some time looking through the larger groups of pictures. I found one with 117 pics, all same subject, correct date, but .. where are the other 600 or so pics from that shoot? I found others where Aperture has 107 photos (for example) in that folder, but Lr only imported 47.


      If it were only an issue of incomplete imports, I could suggest I didn't let it finish, hence it isn't done. I can't say I understand why it would take 47 pics from one date and not all 107, but maybe that could be it? Would Lightroom piecemeal together an individual date with varying imports over time? Or would it go linear fashion and import all of one date (or project or folder) to finish it before moving on to the next?


      But the randomization of individual pics, or clusters of 2-7 pics, all random, wrong dates, mixed subjects over time...something is obviously wrong.


      I went back to Aperture and verified the structure and contents. I know my pics well and I've either set Lr off in some strange setting, or the importer is not working correctly.


      Anyone else had a similar problems? Any insight into this issue?


      Appreciate your help.


      A switcher to Lightroom,


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Robert


          I think it depends on the structure of your Aperture Library. Many mac users are not always aware that when using iPhoto and aperture Apple hides your original in a Package Contents environment and makes duplicates.


          Most users have a managed Library but it is also possible to choose a referenced library. In the latter case Lightroom can access your masters. But in most cases and to prevent corruption of the Aperture Library Lightroom will make duplicates and place them in dated folders. However, photos organised in projects should all transfer as collections, when the process is finished.


          Take a look at Victoria’s blog (AKA Lightroom Queen) which has more information.



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            cielo4 Level 1

            thanks for the reply. This was a referenced library, so the pictures were stored separate from the aperture package, similar to how Lr keeps the .lrcat separate from where it stores it pictures.


            I've taken a whole other route. I am importing the folders one at a time. A bit slow, but giving me more control over what I'm importing, the organization of it, and the chance to get rid of some extra pics.