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    When I update Cloud programs, my INDD files no longer remember what folder I just opened them in


      Just wondering how to get around this annoying issue, when I upgrade my Cloud programs and then for instance open an INDD file which I had created in the previous version, when I save the file, rather than it remembering the folder the file lives in, it tries to save in the most recent folder I saved a file in rather than overwriting itself in the folder I opened it from. Same with exporting, it will try to export to the last folder I exported a file in instead of overwriting itself in the folder it was exported to in the previous CC version.

      It is the second time I have had to go through this in a year and with 10's of thousands of files, creates an absolute mess of files and means having to check that it's saving in the right folder and if not, manually finding the folder it belongs to again instead of just hitting 'save'.

      PAINING ME!! Any help would be appreciated.