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    Updating Lightroom causing XMP read issues?


      I'm incredibly frustrated right now. I've looked but I can't find anything. I just spent days processing all the photos I took for my time lapse video. Thousands. And, then Lightroom has this annoying problem with syncing spot removals. It seems if you sync more than 4-5 photos at a time (doesn't really work for thousands of images), you're good. If not, the source it pulls from for the replacement spot, changes each photo. And therefore during the timelapse you see it flickering, since the source is changing on a photo by photo basis. I thought, maybe I need to update? I did. The moment I did, my photos went in the toilet.


      I write my changes to XMP, so that when I back them up and have to use those backups, the edits are still there. I processed photos as I said, updated lightroom, and now everything has changed. They have the 'appearance' of the photo as it was - prior to updating lightroom. If I wait a second or two, it flicks in with the change. Let me point this out however - the edits are IDENTICAL. Not one setting is changing. All settings are on, they're the same same settings too. Now, I supplied two photos, the pre (before a second or two passes and the adjustment shows itself), and the photo after it changes itself. I can't understand what is going on. I've tried metadata > read metadata, and that didn't work, it just instantly shows the 'updated' look.


      This is how it looks before it adjusts.



































      A second later, it flicks into this appearance. Yet NOTHING has changed - OTHER than updating Lightroom.




      Please, I beg of you to help. I don't think I could last editing a few thousand photo sequences again. Everything has faded out in colour, blacks are not as dark as before. And I haven't changed ANYTHING, other than updating Lightroom.