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    Breeze is unable to position the content to correct location even though LMS has sent lesson location correctly

      Hi All,

      Here is some background on our environment. We are using PLATEAU LMS to launch Breeze content. We have published the content as AICC using Breeze Presenter. After publishing we are able to launch the content and after viewing all the slides, the content is marked completed correctly in LMS. But the issue here is with Bookmarking. If we navigate few pages and close the content. And when we relaunch the course we are expecting the course to be launched at the last navigated page. But it is not happening, it is always loading the content with first page. From LMS logs and HttpAnalyzer, we are able to see that Breeze is requesting LMS with "getparam" command and LMS is sending back response with correct lession location. But Breeze is unable to position the content at this lesson location.

      Our question here is

      1. Why Breeze is unable to position the content at this lesson location even though it has received lesson location correctly from LMS?
      2. What browser settings like Cookies etc may affect Breeze Content for resuming lesson location?
      3. Are there any issues, if we access Breeze Contents through SSL i.e https?

      Thank you all in Advance