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    Wiggle problem with a spotlight

    clauderozsa Level 1

      Good Morning

      I have a problem with the intensity wiggle of a spotlight.

      On the picture here I have a wall wich has in front of it a fire (I use one of the Video Copilot action essentials clip).

      I have directed to the wall a spotlight using the color of the fire and set its point of interest and position and angle

      so that it aims exclusively to the wall and nothing else. I have set up the angle of the cone of the spotlight so that only the wall should be illuminated. I apply on the wall a Turbulent Displace to simulate the heat displacement.

      For unknown reasons the wiggle of the spotlight is not visible whatever parameters I apply to it.

      Can anyone explain me where I missed something? I've tried different positions for the spotlight as well

      as different parameters for the wiggle without success.


      View of the wall all other sets and lights being deactivated .

      view of wall all other lights deactivated.png

      Spotlight Parameters.

      spot light parameters.png

      I'm under After effects CC2014 version with Windows 7 64bits Ultimate updated.and a video card ASUS HD 7950DIRECT CU II.


      Thanks in advance