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    ePub empty space between pages

    alexdauchez Level 1

      Hi, I’m not used to make ePub and I’m making a Fixed-Layout ePub for a client.

      I’m using InDesign CC 2014.2 and export my ePub.

      No matter if I export it in landscape or portrait mode but I have these unwanted blank or empty spaces between every page when I read it on iPad and swipe between pages.

      Capture d’écran 2015-06-23 à 11.52.03.png

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Moved to InDesign EPUB forum.


          What app are you reading it with?

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            alexdauchez Level 1

            Hi, thank you for your answer.

            I'm reading it with iBooks on iPad.

            The problem doesn't appear on Ibooks on Mac…

            The format in InDesign document  is set on iPad format, digital publishing.

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              alexdauchez Level 1

              In fact, if I start from scratch an Indesign document with these settings :

              Create 4 pages with a simple coloured rectangle fitting the whole page :

              And then export the document as a fixed layout ePub with any of these settings (based on document setup, convert spread to landscape page or disable spreads) :




              I'm obtaining this empty space between pages when I read each of these exported ePub on iBooks on iPad (which is supposed to be the default ePub player, right ?) : Heberger image

              On iBooks on a Mac, I'm obtaining NO empty space between pages. So I wonder how Anne-Marie, or Terry White, when I see videos on Lynda.com or adobe TV achieve to export a ePub without those blanks. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but even if I export an InDesign document used for exercices (here) and then export it, I get those empty spaces…