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    spatial interpolation (motion path) problem

    AgrisCaurs Level 1



      once in a while I meet with a problem when I can`t control the motion path for keyframes although I`ve set all keyframe spatial interpolations to Bezier..


      Am I missing something? Here I did a screen capture with my problem : http://youtu.be/djXcd2p_gSc


      I found that when I first create 2 keyframes and set the interpolation and only after that create 3rd keyframe, all of them has bezier handles. Here I demonstrate the issue http://youtu.be/YMBJxVzkt78 First approach is the unsuccessful, second is the success..


      I`d like to know is it possible to get in some way those handles after I`ve created keyframes. When I create for example a pose for character and can`t get those bezier handles to move a limb in an arc it drives me nuts.. Doesn`t happen too often, but still..


      I believe it`s a bug, but maybe I`m just stupid..


      Using AE CC 2015

      Thanks in advance!