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    error: installing this extension may affect functionality in Fireworks 8


      I disabled my extensions in DW/FW 8 so that I could install the DW Updater 8.02. When I went to re-enable them, the Fireworks extensions are giving me problems. If I try to just re-enable, some of them throw me the error msg:

      "This extension is installing a file that exists in Fireworks 8. Installing this extension may affect functionality in Fireworks 8" and then gives me the option to install or not. I have chosen *not* so far as I don't need any more computer problems.

      I just tried uninstalling and re-installing and I get the same error. My Extension Manager has also become unstable, as when it closes sometimes it gives me that Windows "do you want to send a report" error message. I put in my DW 8 cd to try to reinstall just the Extension Manager but there is no such option that I can find. In case it matters, I have only installed FW & DW (and the Extension Mgr) and not the entire suite.

      Any help appreciated. Thanks,