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    Displaying Problems AFTER AFFECTS cc 2015 (Primatte, Keylight)



      I have a display problems with After Effects, when I use Primatte  plugin, and select a range of colors, it displays a random colors in the images instead of hiding chosen colors, then I used keylight to test and be sure that is a problem , it hide the selected range, but it's Pixelated and it's not displayed as I see with other versions of After Effects, I had doubt if it's a problem with my Graphic card, I reinstall it with the classic version of its driver, and test (the problem persist) then I update all drivers of Intel graphics and Amd Ati, and the problem always persists , that's mean (i see) it's a bug from After effects and not from graphic card (I test with other programs like Fxhome Hitfilm and Sonyvegas and it works correctly without display problems).

      • PS: You can see demonstration images below.
      • Graphic cards Configuration:

      AMD RADEON HD 6700 SERIES |    Intel HD graphics 3000

      gc1.JPG           gc2.JPG

      • Demonstration Images:

      With Primatte:

      1. 1.JPG 
      2. 2.jpg  
      3. 3.JPG

      With Keylight:

      1. keylight1.jpg
      2. keylight2.jpg


      Thank you in advance.