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    Need direction

    SugnaShane Level 2
      I need to create a dynamically driven organizational chart that pulls from a database members depending on company division. I would like the child nods (Gray Circles) (if that is the correct term) to attach to the parent (Red Circle) by lines as seen in the diagram.

      Example Chart

      I need direction on the following:
      Do I need to create many movieClips or can I just use one and pull the information if needed and create the nods on the fly.
      The attached nods I would like to have elasticity and physics so the nodes don't touch or if the do they push away from other nodes.

      The nodes would also need to change to Parents onClick and create more child nodes depending on available data

      Any help would be great,

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          arunbe Level 1
          You can create empty movieclips for each nodes and then attach a common clip contains the functionalities of the childs.
          So that you can easily handle them according to your purpose.
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            shikozel Level 1
            yes. you can use only one movie clip and multiply it on the stage as needed.

            I didnt get exactle what are you trying to do when you said to make the node elastic but you can assign any physics rule to the node. you will have to do it with scripted motion of course