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    AfterEffects cc 2015 won't play through soundsticks


      Just upgraded to AfterEffects cc 2015 and can't get audio playback and preview to come through my Harmon Kardon soundsticks.


      AfterEffects CC 2015

      iMac 3.5 GHz Intel Core 17, 32 GB ram

      OSX 10.9.5


      I can get audio to play through the built-in speakers, but it's not the quality I expect - all other audio comes through the soundsticks.

      I'm working on an animation project, have come to rely on the soundsticks working with AfterEffects during preview and scrubbing.

      Worked fine before the update.


      Soundsticks do not show up in preferences: AfterEffects/Preferences/Audio Hardware

      If I set the preferences to System Default Input/Output, I get no sound at all, though levels and wave forms register.

      If set to Built In Output I get only the built-in speakers.


      Any ideas? Is there something I'm missing?