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    Workflow question, Files server vs Adobe Cloud

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      I'm wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages regarding the use of a File server vs the Adobe Cloud.


      We are a small team working off a Synology NAS over AFP, all on macs running Yosemite. The way we work is that we use the file server to store all Design files, we connect to the server with AFP and mount the volume, work directly on the server (yeah I know, not a supported workflow by Adobe, but it has always worked fine for us). If I have an InDesign File and want to place a logo from AI, I just link to that file in the appropriate folder on the server and that's it. Since everybody works from the same server, everybody always has the latest version of those files. If we need to make a version, we just edit the file, save as, make append the version number at the end of the file name and that's it. Not a complicated workflow.


      Now Adobe is pushing for the use of its Cloud, with collaborations, libraries and all. I don't see many advantages to switching to that workflow. First, if you share the files on the cloud, they have to go through the internet to come back to the same local network, which is both time consuming and bandwidth consuming. Second, Files and folders that you share are NOT the same as Libraries that you would share either. I haven't been able to "find" those assets on my Creative Cloud folder so it looks like it's stored differently. What would happen if I want to move those library assets elsewhere? Like if I have a couple of logos that I would like to put in a library, than share that library with coworkers. Where would those files be beside the cloud? How do I make sure I have a backup of those?


      If I use the Creative cloud folder, it would be pretty much like using dropbox, but with the Adobe twist, like sharing with non creative cloud member but being able to preview some ID or PSD files directly in the browser. Why would you want a client to touch your files?? A pdf is way better for this in my opinion as they can annotate, and we keep a version of that on our server as well, with proof of everything the client has asked.


      I'm just wondering what other people think about all this. I sure if we were all in different part of the country, that would be a different story, but for small studio who work on the same roof, I don't see the point.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this!