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    Preview green bar vanished, after updated to AE CC2015


      After installed AE 2015 few days ago, i noticed the green bar ( officially the Cache Indicator ) does not appear anymore when I preview compositions when I press the space bar. Now I get no indication which part of the video is ram cached, very inconvenient.


      I tried to solve the issue by updating my video card driver to the latest version, no go. I located the "Show cache indicator" option and made sure it is checked. This problem only occurs in Fast Draft mode, when in Adoptive Resolution mode the green bar functions as normal. But I want to use Fast Draft, anyone encountered similar problem, any suggestion on how to solve this?


      ( In CC 2014, I remember clearly the green bar worked properly in both Fast Draft & Adoptive Resolution mode! )


      My system:

      CC 2015

      Windows 8.1 Pro, Intel i7-5820K, Gigabyte X99-UD4, 16Gb Adata XPG DDR4 ram, nVidia Quadro FX580