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    signature navigation

    creditunion123 Level 1

      I am trying to move my staff to use a digital signature pad to obtain signatures - so we do not have to print documents off to sign

      I want to make it as easy as possible for the to know if they have missed a signature


      I have some signature fields show or hide based on if there is a name as the documents can have up to 3 people sign

      I only want the visible signature fields to show in the list of required signatures in the navigation pane but all show


      They do show (invisible next to the ones that are hidden) - worse case I can live with that but the signature navigation pane does not show the signatures in order - by page

      Is there a way to at least have the signatures go in order they appear on the document - page order. I checked tabs - the tab order does not seem to mean anything

      Best case - is there a way to not even show the invisible signature as it is not required