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    jbrewer2 Level 1

      Can't seem to create links to Edge.  Missing something.  Help

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          TomGreen Level 2

          This is a bit vague. Could you explain exactly what you intend to do or describe what result you are looking for?

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            jbrewer2 Level 1

            Thanks Tom, I making a responsive project that will end up as an app on the iPad for our company.  So I am trying to make relative links instead of absolute.  I can create a link using the absolute pate, http://...., etc,  but I can't seem to get to relative links to work--meaning in the links too I just want to put   "aboutus.html"  or something to that affect.


            I am new to this tool also, very familiar with lots of other Adobe products, but only been messing with Edge for a week or so.  Easy enough to make animations, reminds me of Flash in that respect.  But making buttons and links and going to take some practice.

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              akouns Level 1

              Where and how are you attempting to make these links in your composition?