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    Edge .oams not loading in Muse?

    imcarey Level 1

      (Cross-posted in Muse forum but I think you guys are more likely to know the answer:) Hello everyone, I am working on a portfolio site in Muse CC 2015, which is going great so far with the exception of the following: I have 4 Edge Animate .oam files placed in separate lightbox compositions (triggered by thumbnail images). Both in browser preview and on my live site (in Chrome, Safari and Firefox), the animations only load about half the time (and it's either all of them or none).


      UPDATE: I switched out the lightbox compositions with a Featured News composition to see it that helps--the animation in the first box now loads most of the time, but the 2nd through 4th boxes rarely do.

      The site can be viewed here. (Scroll down to "Animation.") I can make the application files available if that would help.


      Anybody else experienced this issue?