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    Published Edge Animation Gives Nothing


      I don't know if this is 2015 release-related but this is the first Edge project I have done since the update and the published .OAM and HTML both show nothing.


      I have not experienced THIS issue yet with Edge, although a hundred others....


      The Edge project works perfectly in "Preview in Browser," yet nothing on publishing. I am using the same publishing options as I always have, nothing special about 'em.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          kwdelre Level 1

          I got it to work. In case this happens to someone else:


          The file was created in Edge 2014. The file was then opened and saved in Edge 2015. Apparently saving from Edge 2015 was not enough. I created a new project, and copied and pasted all of the elements into the new project. Then it worked just fine.