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    Null position not auto updating


      HI All,


      Is anyone else having problems with auto key framing the position of a null in CC2015.

      If I set the stop watch it will only auto update one time, if I then move to the next frame and move position it does not add a key frame. I can see the position X and Y changing and if I click the add key frame it will add it ok.

      It works ok for the other transform options like size.....


      Any ideas ?


      Thanks Dave

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't understand your workflow issues. I'm not having any trouble setting keyframes. Could you include some screenshots or something to document exactly what you're doing? What you call what you're clicking on might be different from what I call it. And what you're talking about doesn't sound like the auto-keyframe feature in AE either. So, perhaps, we're speaking different languages. Pictures will help.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you went to the Timeline menu and enabled auto keyframes then just moving a layer will generate a position keyframe. If you clicked the stop watch so that it is highlighted then moving the layer will add a keyframe at the CTI. If you are having different results you need to carefully explain your workflow. I cannot reproduce the problem that you seem to be describing. If the stopwatch is highlighted any movement in the property selected will generate a new keyframe.

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              DiggerDave1968 Level 1

              HI Guys,


              Thanks for your replies, I have worked out where I was going wrong.

              I was grabbing and moving the null on the top left of the null box (a small black dot appears under the cursor and the cursor turns black), this allowed me to move the position of the null but did not auto update the keyframe. If I grab anywhere else inside the null border it allowed me to move it's position and added a keyframe. I would assume moving it with the black cursor must be some other function that I am not aware of.


              Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.