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    how can I use several signatures


      Need to use different signatures  how can I store them and in what format

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          AadeshSingh Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi louisd68605879,


          If you are using Fill & Sign tool, you can use a third party application like Paint to draw the signatures & then save them as a .jpeg image file. While Signing the documents you can add those images.


          However if there is a Signature field on the PDF & you need to sign it using digital certificate, it provides you option to create new digital certificate once you click on the signature field.




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            Hi Louisd & Aadesh,


            I recommend writing your signatures and initials on a sheet of white paper and digitizing them, then use MS Paint, say, to crop and save each signature and or set of initials as a separate file, then import them into the Filll & Sign tool.


            It's true you can only have two signatures / initials queued up at a time.


            But it's really easy to click the minus sign to the right of one of them, then the plus sign that appears, then click through to select a different signature (or any image file) from your computer.   Only about five mouse clicks.   It remembers the folder, so you can put all of them all in a folder called Signatures, say, and swap them in and out quickly.


            If you go to the trouble of saving your signature files as gif's or png's, and making the background transparent (MS Paint won't do that, but there are plenty of simple free online tools to help), then you can even place your signatures to partially overlap content, and the content shows through.   Meaning they look very realistic.


            We do this for a couple of different people who share an administrative support person, but you could also digitize several different renderings of a single signature to vary its appearance and achieve even more realism.


            We also treat rubber stamps (e.g. company seals) as signatures, and use transparent backgrounds (allowing overlap with content).   This is an advantage over the Adobe Reader "Stamp" tool because the latter does not support transparency.   I guess you could say the Stamp tool is more like a postage stamp than a rubber stamp .   Also, a signature or stamp done this way "locks" the document from further editing -- although you can still add additional signatures or stamps -- e.g. if you have to sign every page, or if you have to route the document for approvals.


            -- Paul