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    Images in slideshow from Lightroom 6 resizing to different formats


      I'm exporting a slideshow from Lightroom 6.


      The photographs are mostly cropped to 8x12 but some are cropped to 8x10.


      These are all very slight crops from RAW files.


      I've tried exporting it with zoom to fill frame on, and also off.


      The exported photographs jump around - sometimes they fill the frame, sometimes not.


      I tried making them all the same crop format, but the same thing happens.


      I tried exporting using the widescreen template, and also the crop to fit template, but I still get black margins on some of the slides.


      I'm exporting it at 1080p (16:9), with the quality setting to 'High'.


      I'd like the slideshow to fill the frame, with no margins on any of the slides.


      Any ideas?


      Here's one of the slideshow I made, so you can see the black margins: Wedding Photographer Northcote House, Ascot, Berkshire