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    Banner dimensions


      Hy guys,


      I want to make a hanging banner, with the following dimensions: H 130 mm, W 50 mm.
      So my question is, since I have never done it before, and I will use Adobe InDesign, so, how should i set the dimensions for the banner design while starting the new project,and which text size and picture size to use?



      Thank you!

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          Migintosh Level 4

          You always have the option of choosing which type of ruler measurements to use at any time by entering the measurement type after the number. For example, if your default ruler units is set to inches, go to File>New Document, and type 130 mm into the height tab and type 50 mm into the height tab. As soon as you move the cursor to a different tab of that window, the size you have chosen will be displayed in your default measurement units. In the case of inches, you would see 5.1181 in as the height and 1.9685 in as the width. This will work with any size field, so you can do this with the size of a text or image frame once the document is created. Or, if you prefer to work in millimeters, you can set them as the unit for the document by going to the Units & Increments tab of the general preferences once the document has been created. You can also set the same setting as your default for new documents if you do it while no document is open.


          mchorri wrote:

          …and which text size and picture size to use?



          Thank you!

          That's up to you, but it's a fairly small banner. Did you mean mm?

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            mchorri Level 1

            Thank you for your replay!
            I meant 1500 mm H and 500 mm W, my mistake, sorry
            Well, i guess this will make a large file -.-" and what about the pictures and text font size? how to adjust them, compared to a 500mm sized width of the banner?

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Set up your document as 1500mm in height and 500 mm in wide.


              Text size is up to you, I usually go with as large as I can make the text, as long as it's visually looking ok.


              You might want to consider any text that's appearing smaller in size for visibility when read at a distance.


              72pt text can be read from approx 50feet.

              For easy legibility it would be approx 10feet away.


              I'd say the smallest to have your text is 18 pt.

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                Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                I personally prefer to work at 1:1 wherever possible, so that would mean a 1500 x 500 mm document.


                Text and image sizes are 100% dependent on what you need to communicate, to who, and from what distance.