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    After Updating to Indesign CC 2015 TAGS DISAPPEAR!!!




      I just updated to Indesign CC 2015 for Windows 7 on a 64-bit OS.


      I opened a file that I know was pre-tagged in the previous version of Indesign CC and the TAGS NO LONGER APPEAR.


      I highlighted a section of content and the tagging toolbar shows that the content is an <H1> and is highlighted, but does not show the colored brackets around the content that it represents as being tagged.


      I double-checked to see if the feature was set to "Show..." or "Hide...", tried both options and ZILCH.


      Can someone please help me resolve this issue or let me know if this is a known bug that will be fixed or if anyone has experienced what I am experiencing and if you could tell me what the solutions is would be greatly appreciated.



      Thank You!!!