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    Jumpy Images


      1. I'm using Premiere Elements 12.  The source media is MP4 video.  The operating system is Windows 8.1

      2. I load the media from the camera to a file on the E drive and add to the project from there using the add media tab. Perhaps I should load the media via the drop down direct from the camera.

      3. I have tried rendering the video to date and it has no difference.

      4.  The computer is quite new and the drivers up to date to the last month or so. The video card is a VVIDIA GeForce GT740.  It's the only one installed. Not getting any error messages.

      5. The program is installed to the C drive, designated the local disc.

      6. I have learned that clumsy drag and drop messes things up.  Control Z to the rescue.

          These videos are supporting my own music tracks, depicting me  playing various instruments. Usually about four of five layers on a single landscape backdrop.

          I delete each video track's audio once the video is synced, so there is one audio track remaining as audio only.

          Exported video to MP4 is fine but it is obvious that the video tracks have not been aligned.

         The background, audio and first two layers are stable, subsequent tracks/layers become uncontrollable and affect the initial layers.


      I notice in other threads that GeForce video cards are a known problem. Is that the case with PP elements 12?

      I have had similar problems when using CS6 on another computer.  It only had one drive and I figured that was the problem.  Thanks Tony

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          Thanks for the follow up.


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          jumpy images


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