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    Creative Cloud panel pops up frequently, even though all programs are up to date.  How can I stop it?


      I leave my Windows account open for days at a time, like most home users.  For some reason, the Creative Cloud panel application spontaneously opens at least once per day.  This is despite the fact that I have already upgraded all of my Adobe applications to the 2015 versions, and all of them are current.  It just keeps popping up, despite the fact that it has no function, since everything is up to date.


      WTF Adobe.png


      Every single day it does this.  I am considering uninstalling the CC app that keeps my programs up to date, even though I'll probably be running older versions of Adobe software and occasionally hit a bug or miss a new feature.


      I've looked for a solution in the application itself.  I see in Preferences that there are "Launch at login" and "Show notifications" available.  I do want CC to run in the background to make sure my programs are up-to-date, so I don't think I want to uncheck either of those boxes.  But I don't want the stupid panel to pop on a daily basis for absolutely no reason.


      Can someone please explain what is going on?