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    problems with Adobe Tech Support

    craigst Level 1

      Does anyone else have a problem with Adobe Tech Support for LR? I contacted them by Chat today and have been totally disgusted by their poor service. I have chatted with 3 of them now and my problem is still unresolved. Those 3 chats have taken up most all of my afternoon. Why? Because the response time to each question or comment on the chat board takes at least 5 minutes, so either they are working with lots of other customers at the same time or they are just goofing off. Then, they also don't listen. I tell them what the problem is and they ask irrelevant questions. Third, they don't seem to know how to fix the problem. Now I'm offline because 2 hrs ago they told me to sign off and they would call me on the phone in about an hour.


      What problem is so perplexing to them? I have successfully created many Web module slideshows in the past, but as of this latest release, most of the layouts don't work. Only the Classic layout works. The other 3 are just blank; no photos at all and the title text is non-editable. I have closed and relaunched, uninstalled the app and re-installed, still to no avail. I know there's a solution somewhere but I'm mainly disappointed in the various support people I chatted with today. Very unprofessional and very unhelpful.