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    Extendscript for "By scaling to widths totalling ..."

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      I started from a script example found on this very useful forum that allows to reformat tables across a document. This is very useful when many new tables are imported from Word, Excel or any other source and need to be reformated all at once with the default document template. This involves many steps when done by hand like:

      - changing table tag

      - revert to default ruling and shading

      - colapse the anchor line

      - copy the table title from a body line to the table title line

      - apply paragraph tag to the title line

      - Reformat top row(s) as heading row(s)

      - apply paragraph tags to paragraphs whithin the table cells

      - Remove min or max rows height

      - Resize columns "By scaling to widths totalling ..."


      I have not been able to find a method for the last item that correspond to the following menu in FM11: Table -> Format -> resize colums -> By scaling to widths totalling ...".


      I would appreciate any help to put me on the tracks for resizing columns in Fm Extendscript.