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    Feature Request: Active/Inactive Projects

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

      I have several projects on my devices that I want to keep alive (I don't want to get rid of the assets or edit).

      However, I'd like to make those projects inactive so they don't constantly sync across devices.


      How this would work:


      1. Device A is an iPhone with 64G

      2. Device B is an iPad with 128G

      3. Device C is an iPad with 128G


      I have projects on iPhone that I want to work on without the Phone attempting to open my entire active library of edits from Devices B&C.


      On the originating device, Device B, I tell the projects to be INACTIVE by using a switch (before duplicate and trashcan)

      I do the same on Device C.

      The projects will not automatically sync if they are "Inactive".


      On Device A, each of the projects in my library show up.  Only the projects not marked "Inactive" download content.


      On Device A, I can toggle the inactivity icon to allow downloading content, but Device B & C will have to upload the content before the project is "Inactive" to make the footage available on a different device, but the project, music, hue, edit, could still be modified on any device with access to the project.




      An Inactive Project could be sent to PremierePro as an EDL only.  The footage would not have to sync.  If the footage was already transferred, or existed in other formats, the XML created from PremiereClip could be sent to CC folder with MediaPending/Bars/Offline slugs instead.