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    re-assign team licenses



      hope someone can help: our reseller messed up our license renewal and instead added 2 additional licenses. The issue I have is that because the old team licenses have been unassigned, I will need to re-assign them: 1) how can I find out who was assigned 2) will it have an impact on the products used if I assign licenses to the wrong staff?


      Many thanks!

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          Maansee verma Employee Moderator





          I can see that as of now in your account we have 2  un-assigned seats and 2 cancelled seats. SO you can go ahead and assign those two seats to the users who wants to use the product.


          Moving to your second question , new seats assigning will not impact the products at all.


          Try assigning the seats and let us if that works for you .




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            mm1961 Level 1

            Thank you Maansee!

            I have re-assigned the licenses successfully now: my only worry was that the downloaded apps would stop working when re-assigning the license, but no all is good.

            Thanks again,