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    I'm new to Indesign and need help regarding Data Mere feature.


      I'm trying to use the data merge feature in Indesign. I have created a template and also have a correct CSV data source. The data merge also works perfectly and all the images are created as expected. But my queries are :


      -> All the images appear in the same document. But I want them extracted as individual images in my local drive.

      -> There is a text box on the placeholder and when the text from the data source doesn't fit into it, it just places the text that can be accommodated inside the text box. is it possible to automate this in sich a way that the font size and text field gets automatically modified to fit the data into the text field. Example : The text box in the placeholder can accommodate only 5 words, but my data source has 10 words. So the output I receive will have only 5 words and the rest is lost. Is it possible to merge it in such a way that all the 10 words are placed in the placeholder.