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    Requirements for ray-traycing met?


      Dear All,


      Would someone be so kind and help me to understand my CC After Effects chances to run on my PC*? I am about learning how to use AI and PS with AE to produce an animated cartoon and am warned about this when trying to take my first steps with AE. Should I buy a new one rather? Mac would not be our choice, having decided for Windows 10 and Chrome OS/Android/Ubuntu to keep it more simple skipping a new OS. This together with Creative Cloud versus that competition.


      Thank you very much indeed.


      Kind regards,




      OS NameMicrosoft Windows 7 Professional
      Version6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
      Other OS DescriptionNot Available
      OS ManufacturerMicrosoft Corporation
      System NameELI-HP
      System ManufacturerHewlett-Packard
      System ModelHP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF
      System Typex64-based PC
      ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
      BIOS Version/DateHewlett-Packard L01 v02.57, 2014-12-11
      SMBIOS Version2.7
      Windows DirectoryC:\windows
      System DirectoryC:\windows\system32
      Boot Device\Device\HarddiskVolume1
      Hardware Abstraction LayerVersion = "6.1.7601.17514"
      Installed Physical Memory (RAM)16,0 GB
      Total Physical Memory15,9 GB
      Available Physical Memory9,66 GB
      Total Virtual Memory31,8 GB
      Available Virtual Memory25,0 GB
      Page File Space15,9 GB
      Page FileC:\pagefile.sys





      0xF7C30000-0xF7C33FFFHigh Definition Audio ControllerOK
      0xFED00000-0xFED003FFHigh precision event timerOK
      0xF7C39000-0xF7C390FFIntel(R) 8 Series/C220 Series SMBus Controller - 8C22OK
      0xDF200000-0xFEAFFFFFPCI busOK
      0xF7C3B000-0xF7C3B3FFIntel(R) 8 Series/C220 Series USB EHCI #1 - 8C26OK
      0xFED40000-0xFED44FFFSystem boardOK
      0xFED40000-0xFED44FFFTrusted Platform Module 1.2OK
      0xFED1C000-0xFED1FFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFED10000-0xFED17FFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFED18000-0xFED18FFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFED19000-0xFED19FFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xF8000000-0xFBFFFFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFED20000-0xFED3FFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFED90000-0xFED93FFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFED45000-0xFED8FFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFF000000-0xFFFFFFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xFF000000-0xFFFFFFFFIntel(R) 82802 Firmware Hub DeviceOK
      0xFEE00000-0xFEEFFFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xF7FDF000-0xF7FDFFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xF7FE0000-0xF7FEFFFFMotherboard resourcesOK
      0xF7800000-0xF7BFFFFFIntel(R) HD Graphics 4600OK
      0xE0000000-0xEFFFFFFFIntel(R) HD Graphics 4600OK
      0xF7C3C000-0xF7C3C3FFIntel(R) 8 Series/C220 Series USB EHCI #2 - 8C2DOK
      0xF7C20000-0xF7C2FFFFIntel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host ControllerOK
      0xF7C34000-0xF7C37FFFHigh Definition Audio ControllerOK
      0xF7C40000-0xF7C4000FIntel(R) Management Engine InterfaceOK
      0xF7C00000-0xF7C1FFFFIntel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LMOK
      0xF7C3D000-0xF7C3DFFFIntel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LMOK
      0xF7C3E000-0xF7C3EFFFIntel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL (COM3)OK
      0xF7C3A000-0xF7C3A7FFIntel(R) 8 Series/C220 Chipset Family SATA AHCI ControllerOK
      0xA0000-0xBFFFFPCI busOK
      0xA0000-0xBFFFFIntel(R) HD Graphics 4600OK
      0xD0000-0xD3FFFPCI busOK
      0xD4000-0xD7FFFPCI busOK
      0xD8000-0xDBFFFPCI busOK
      0xDC000-0xDFFFFPCI busOK
      0xE0000-0xE3FFFPCI busOK
      0xE4000-0xE7FFFPCI busOK