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    ASE Download

    Karl B Cartwright Level 1

      We relied heavily on the ability to download the ASE file to us in non CC versions of Adobe Applications.


      Because of our backend systems and how they are integrated into older versions of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, we are not expecting to move to CC anytime soon (Budget Cuts).  So, its giving me heartburn that the little download button, that was not hurting anyone, was taken away.


      So, what are my options here?  I understand there may be issues with supporting earlier versions of Adobe apps, but we are talking about a file format that was created just for this purpose.



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          Declan Zimmerman Level 1

          I second this request. Many scripts I use in After Effects support import of an ASE color palette.


          Adding a feature like sync is great, but why remove old functionality that users rely upon?


          I hope Adobe will consider adding ASE download back into Color.

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            julieclarkebush Level 1

            I need the ability to download swatches! Where did the download button go???????

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              Dave E Employee Moderator

              Thanks for posting your concerns. I will share this with the development team.  Meanwhile, here's a post which provides some background on what happened and possible work arounds.


              How can i download swatches

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                Declan Zimmerman Level 1

                Thanks for the link, Dave E.


                The new integration at least for After Effects is very poor. Yes it's nice to have a Color UI in AE but all we can do is eyedropper it.


                Eyedropper is what casual users do.


                Professional users use scripts, expressions .. and ASE files.


                This does seem part of a larger trend of making everything simple for the new user, while abandoning the functionality the pros rely upon.


                Thank you for passing these concerns along.


                p.s. For anyone reading this there is a workaround: themes be opened in AI ... then you can delete all other swatches and save an ASE out of AI.


                Though this is cumbersome to say the least.

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                  Declan Zimmerman Level 1

                  From the "correct answer" thread:


                  "Option 1: You will have to copy the RGB, HEX, etc.  and paste the values into the app you are using."


                  This is seriously an answer in 2015?


                  The real answer seems to be: In order to make sure non-subscribers were not making use of the service for free, we had to hobble it, even though this is inconvenient for subscribers.


                  Dear Adobe,


                  You started out as an awesome company.


                  What happened?




                  Some who has been using your software since the 90s.

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                    stovku Level 1

                    I would like to know, in what way was it beneficial in removing the download feature?

                    It does not seem to have served any purpose besides making it more difficult for people not using the CC versions. I understand that Adobe wants everyone to switch to CC, as it is more updated and provides more features. But like the OP, many are in a situation where their place of work cannot afford/will not switch over or one personally cannot afford a monthly subscription when the software they own already functions well and gets the job done.

                    I too, rely on the .ASE files to make sure that where ever I go, I can easily load the correct colors into the CS6 programs. (Which was a complete life AND time saver during my time at school.) I also loved that I could use the Color app on my phone to create swatches and then download and use them in my projects at my computer.


                    So please,

                    bring back the download .ASE file option.

                    It was wonderful.



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                      Mykill G Level 1

                      Much like the new and "Improved" ImageTrace feature... As a designer at a screen printing shop, I used LiveTrace DAILY to trace client provided black & white line art. Now with CS^ and above "Image Trace", functionality has been removed (for the sake of simplicity? - I'm a professional; I don't need simple, I need effective, and dumbing down features that took a long time to master is beyond frustrating) and the simple traces are not nearly as good as the CS5 LiveTrace feature. But at least I can turn a high resolution photo into a 500,000 path vector with just as many different colors... and no way of collecting the resulting colors!!


                      Ok, so off my high horse now, YES, PLEASE add this this functionality back. Currently, the is NO WAY to back-up your themes onto an external device in case something goes wrong on Adobes servers and I lose ALL my themes.


                      Like stovku stated, there is NO point in Adobe removing this feature other than "this is your new workflow now because we say it is". I keep a PC w/ Illy CS5 on it so I can get accurate LiveTrace vectors, and would love the ability to use my new swatches on that machine without physically writing down HEX numbers and remaking the theme.


                      Ask the people who pay your bills what they want, instead of forcing new workflow on them with no justifiable reason.


                      And, seriously, keep up the good work.

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                        JGC1300 Level 1

                        There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe my disappointment in this poorly made decision. #*$%#!!!

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                          Mykill G Level 1

                          I posted this in another forum recently, but just in case it can help anyone here.....


                          Found a sort of work around on Mac/Safari using Illustrator. Don't use my PC for design, so not sure if there is a similar workaround

                          (I know you can "Print to PDF", just not sure if there is the Adobe PDF option as described in Step 2).


                          1) Go to the Color webpage, click on My Themes.

                          On the one you want, click Info.

                          When it opens the Info Page, click on the swatch again to go to a full page preview.


                          2) From there, (I'm using Safari, YMMV), get to the Print Dialog.

                          On the bottom left, click on the PDF drop-down menu and select Save as Adobe PDF.


                          NOT Save as PDF, but Save as ADOBE PDF. This gives you the option to then select your PDF Settings.

                          Personally, I went into Distiller and made a preset that uses no downsampling, no compression, and "Leave Color Unchanged" under Color Management Policies in the Color Tab.


                          When I opened the PDF in Illustrator to double-check, all the RGB/HEX values were the exactly the same as on the website.


                          3) So, open the PDF (or a copy of it) in Illustrator, then, with the Direct Selection Tool, select all the color "bars/paths", which are now vector objects, and in the Swatches Panel click New Color Group which will put them all in a folder. You can THEN save the swatches to a swatch file if you need to.


                          Note that I opened the PDF DIRECTLY. Sometimes in Illustrator, if you PLACE a file in an open document and don't Embed, the colors will be slightly off until you do Embed it.


                          It is absurd you have to do this because Adobe removed the Download Swatch button for no justifiable reason, but really, after you set up your Distiller Preset, it's only a few steps and takes about 15-20 seconds.

                          - Go to Full Page Preview on Color Website

                          - Save a PDF using Print > Save as Adobe PDF

                          - Open PDF in Illustrator, select color paths, Make New Color Group

                          - Save Swatches


                          It is NOT a replacement, but a workaround while we wait with out breath held to see if the feature will be returned.

                          And it IS faster than manually writing down all HEX/RGB values and manually making new swatches and inputting the color values individually.


                          Hope this helps.

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                            BusinessNanny Level 1

                            Unfortunately, I don't get Option to Save as Adobe PDF but I can see the logic.

                            Thanks for your efforts on this though and for sharing. (More than Adobe managed...)


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                              Mykill G Level 1

                              Ya know, there is a much easier method. This was on the other forum post. Just make 5 quick objects in AI, open up your Library panel to reveal your Themes, fill your objects with the colors, THEN select them all and add New Color Group from the Swatches Panel. Done. Well, you still have to save them under Save Swatches.... but that saves them as an AI file, not an actual Swatch file


                              If you go into Photoshop and clear your Swatches, then open your Libraries Panel,  select each color and add it manually to swatches, you can then save it as a .aco file... that doesn't open in Illustrator.


                              .... I must have missed something along the way. I thought ACO files were swatch files that were able to be opened by Photoshop AND Illustrator... how do you share swatches between the apps now WITHOUT saving them to the cloud??


                              Maybe you can help me with something though... in Illustrator CC2015 (19.1.0), my themes are in the Libraries Panel, but not in the Color Themes Panel. In the Color Themes Panel, it is blank and says "No Themes available in the Account xxxx@xx.com". But in the same Panel, if I click on "Launch Adobe Color Website", it opens and shows all my Themes that are also displayed on the Libraries "My Library" section along with all my other saved assets... you know anything about this?

                              EDIT: I figured out the share swatch thing, at least coming from Photoshop. Instead of "Save Swatches" which saves them in ACO format, use "Save Swatches for Exchange" which saves them in ASE format which AI can open. Still cant figure out why my Color Themes Panel is blank while my Libraries Panel shows them all...

                              EDIT 2: Ok, so in Illustrator, you have to PUBLISH your Themes before they will show up in the Illustrator Color Themes Panel. Gonna leave up the whole comment though in case anyone else stumbles onto this situation and are trying to solve the same problem.

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                                Gollinbursti Level 1

                                I agree absolutely this is an absolutely stupid decision.

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                                  Mykill G Level 1

                                  haha. perfect

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                                    leolodreamland Level 1

                                    this is a large step backwards.

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                                      shamit_mehta Adobe Employee

                                      The download ASE function is back again on color.  Hope you'll like it.

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                                        Mykill G Level 1

                                        THANK YOU!!! It only took 2 years to add a button back, but it's back!

                                        You know, I don't want to sound ungrateful here, so "TNAKY YOU to shamit_mehta for responding to let us all know.

                                        Also to the OP, you may want to change the "correct answer" since there was finally a development. God to have the option back.