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    Resize multiple page document AND scale all content?

    Helvetica Level 1

      Hi, I have several 90+ page documents that need to be resized, from A4 to 200x250mm. Here is the problem I have come across:

      • It is based on 2 master pages. If I change the master page size and adjust the master page content, all of the slave pages resize but with oversized content

      • If I use the page tool, liquid page rule set to scale, and reduce the width only to 200 (from 210mm), the content resizes beautifully, but it only works one page at a time, and I have 5 documents with around 90 pages each to work on.

      • If I use the page tool on the master page, it still doesn't affect the content on the slave pages that isn't on the master page.

      Q: is there a way to resize everything across an entire document?