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    Can't import Elements 13 Catalog into Lightroom CC




      I have downloaded Lightroom CC today and wanted to import my Photoshop Elements 13 catalog (contains above 14k pictures and about 400 videos) into Lightroom.


      Lightroom provides me with the menu option to update from Photoshop Elements Catalog. When I choose the option, LR also starts scanning the dialog showing me the right information. I chose a new location for the LR catalog.


      After starting the actual function I get to see the progress bar and the process interrupts after about 10% of work done with an error message telling me the catalog can't be updated. I then can choose to have it shown to me in the Explorer - but that's of no value anyway - change to a different catalog (has no value either) or quit.


      I have a PC with Windows 7 Prof. (64bit), Core i7-4790K, 16GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTX 970. System and pictures on SSD.


      Anyone have any idea whether specific media or specific content in the PSE catalog can cause problems converting?



      Thanks in advance,


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          Fishweasel Level 1


          I came across your post as I was hoping to do the same thing - import Elements 13 catalog into Lightroom 6.  I have had this exact problem happen before in earlier Elements catalogs, when I converted from Elements 10 to 13.  The answer I received was that sometimes video content is not recognizable as the proper codecs didn't exist in the new version.  Seems strange to me, but the way I resolved it was to eliminate my videos from the catalog, and run the catalog upgrade again.  This worked for me, but I then needed to import the videos separately, which took some time.  Like you I had many more photos than videos so I took this route vs. trying to isolate which video was causing the problem.  At the time I had roughly 400 videos and 30k pictures.  This may not be the most effective solution, but it certainly worked for me and I know many others have had this same problem as well.  My conversion used to timeout at 80%.  If you can isolate which video is causing the problem, you could probably proceed with the rest of the videos without issue.  I was never able to successfully isolate the video, so I removed them all and the conversion worked.  Also, when I re-imported the videos into the new catalog (manually), I didn't have any issue with this.  Good luck with the conversion, I know how difficult these can be as I have 40k photos / videos tagged and it's quite a time consuming process to retag them.  Thanks, Patrick

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            jwartmann Level 1

            Hi Patrick,


            thank you very much for your elaborate information. In the meantime I have received support from Adobe telling me I have to recreate the Elements catalog (tags are preserved but tag hierarchy was not. I did so and only lost the albums - which I did not use very much. After doing so I was able to convert the elements catalog to LR (including the videos). Seems very strange to me.


            Anyway, I'm about 75% through with retagging and categorizing my pictures in LR now. Doing so I also took the chance to clean up some unneeded tags and add yet missing tags to some pictures.




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              Fishweasel Level 1

              Hi Jurgen,

              I'm glad you were able to resolve it without fully deleting the videos.  When this conversion doesn't happen properly it seems as though there is some amount of work needed (whether it's recreating the catalog or deleting certain aspects). This happens too frequently in my opinion - we aren't the only ones who have had this issue.  Fortunately, I was able to convert my Elements 13 Catalog into LR CC without issue.  Before importing the catalog into Lighroom, I actually recreated New Categories with Events and Places (manually) and re-tagged the pictures with these settings.  Since Lightroom doesn't recognize the Default Events and Places Category tags from Elements 13, I had to do this to preserve my file tagging structure.  I didn't have to re-tag any of the items in Lightroom and it worked perfectly!  Like you, I also took the time to clean up the catalog as well.  Good luck with Lightroom - in my very limited experience with this, it seems like it will be much faster to do photo edits.  I just found out that I can see 100% crops in a 2nd window tile as I scroll through the pictures - what an awesome feature!  This used to take me multiple clicks in Elements and made it time consuming to figure out which version of a particular shot I should save.