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    Terms of use, paragraph 3.1 (f) - What does ist mean ?



      my customer, a political candidate, wants some brochures with an illustration of the statue of liberty for his campaign. Is this possible at all?

      I've read the Adobe Stock terms (Apr 7, 2015), but I don't understand the relevant paragraph.

      In the general restrictions section, 3.1. (f), it reads: "(...) you must not (...) take any action in connection with the Work that would reasonably imply that the creator of the Work, or the persons or property appearing in the Work (if any), endorse any political, economic or other opinion-based movements or parties; (...)"


      What "action" must I not do?!? Or does this mean, that I can't use any of the Adobe Stock photos / illustrations / images / ... for political purposes?

      (The terms of some competitors only restrict political usage to images, if persons are shown. Like section 3.1 (g) does.)


      Can you clear this up for me? Perhaps based in the example above?


      Thank you...