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    Objects/Paragraph Styles tagged in ID exporting to PDF with missing tags/alt text for Accessibility Testing


      Can anyone help with the following? (InDesign CC 2014.2 Release x32 Build) Windows 7 PC

      1. Ran the Start>Make Accessible wizard in Acrobat Pro. Keywords entered into the ID>File Information>Keywords dialog box were lost during the export to the PDF. Must re-enter them through the "Wizard." id keywords.PNG

      Figures tagged as Artifacts in InDesign (showing this tag in the Tags Panel) are now untagged in Acrobat Pro. Must re-tag each item again.

      1. Logo was tagged as an artifact in ID. logo error.png
      2. H4 items with "rule above" applied to get highlighting were tagged in the Paragraph Panel>Options>Edit All Export Tagsh4 error.png
      3. JPG placed from a PPT export. Here you can see that the object has been tagged in InDesign with Alt Text (Objects>Object Export Options). ppt jpeg error.png
      4. In Acrobat Pro DC the Tools>Make Accessible wizard is showing this item as having no alternate text. jpg error in DC.png
      5. Ignoring the last item (tagging for TTE LCD jpeg), if I then Run Accessibility Full Check I still get an error on the logo above. This item has already been tagged two times, but now I must retag it a third time.full check logo.png


      Thanks in advance for the assistance. Everything about making documents accessible seems to be prone to new errors every time it is attempted.