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    "Sorry, Stuff not in right bag" error upon shutting down After Effects

    actionfigure00 Level 1

      I'm posting this, by request of Kevin from Twitter. Upon shutting down AE 2015, I got two dialog boxes that popped up in a row. I forget the first one, but it was bizarrely conversational and kind of glib. The second one, I do remember as going along the lines of "Sorry, stuff not in right bag." They both were dismissed with OK buttons. Upon relaunch, I noticed nothing negative.


      Note: i have a ton of plugins and scripts from AE Scripts and the like. It might be a script generating the error, but when Mocha Import + notifies me of an updated version, it says that it is it that is generating the error, not AE.


      I'm not looking for a fix or anything, necessarily. I've used AE for hours and hours since getting the messages. But, Here it is for posterity. And I wouldn't mind some light shed. I'll screen cap it if it happens again.