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    My co-editor is on CC 2015 but the University's computer I'm using is stuck with CC 2014. Help!


      Hey Adobe Community People,


      My co-editor is on CC 2015 (working in another state) but the university computer I'm using is stuck with CC 2014. I've checked with our IT department and they say the school's license isn't set to renew until August, so we're stuck with this version until then. Am I supposed to twiddle my thumbs for the next two months? My editor and I share projects daily so this is a huge setback.


      Is there are workaround for this backwards incompatibility dilemma? I know about XML's but does that only work with sequences, or can it do full projects? Should he just reinstall 2014 and just redo all of his work?

      Do I buy my own darn computer and pay for CC 2015?


      These ^^^ are all solutions... but I wonder if there is a simpler one that doesn't force me to re-do work or pay for the Adobe Crack (I mean Creative Cloud).


      Also Adobe, you're making it very difficult for me to contact support by telephone. I'm disappointed in your lack on customer service... so this is also just a rant about my frustration with the non-compatibility of these yearly CC updates.





      Frustrated. (My actual name is Brian...and I'm not usually this ornery)