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    Pre Comp leaves single stray frame in the Main Comp

    jaredsales Level 1



      I am working on doing some chroma keying for a project.


      I was delivered the final output of the entire project.  I went through and cut each individual greenscreen shot.  I then pre composed each individual shot.  I selected the "adjust composition to the time span of the selected layer" when I precomped each shot.


      Now when I output the main comp (which contains all of the pre comps), I get a single frame at the beginning of some (not all) the precomps that don't have the greenscreen removed.  I have attached two screenshots so you can see what I mean.  At first I thought the stray frame was at the end of the previous layer, but as you can see even with the previous layer turned of the single frame still exists.  I double checked the entire to see make sure there wasn't a duplicate layer underneath that would show that single frame.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! I tried this in both CC2014 and CC2015 and get the same error.


      Screenshot 2015-06-24 13.06.18.png

      Screenshot 2015-06-24 13.06.29.png